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Representing the Netherlands in the UAE we look after several affairs, but one of the most important is the Dutch business community. 

We are therefore happy to see that the Netherlands Business Council continues to grow since we came together with the Dutch business community to set it up in 1997. 

The impact of Dutch businesses can be found across Dubai and the Northern Emirates, from work on iconic projects such as the Palm, to ports, but also inside the homes of many residents through different food or even design products. With over 300 Dutch companies, it is impressive to see the diversity and also how they use their base in the UAE to do business across the region.

We all realize that the present COVID 19 situation creates many challenges for the business community and for that reason I once more want to express my sincere gratitude that the NBC since the very beginning of this crisis reached out to the Dutch business community by organizing and hosting virtual meetings and webinars. This virtual network proved to be a very important source of information for the entrepreneurs, where best practices could be shared and networks could be further strengthened. In this context I also want to compliment the NBC for all the work done to create the Dutch Sustainability Group in the UAE. Long story short: we are happy to partner with the NBC and great that we recently signed an MoU with the NBC to cement our relationship further.

In the coming year Expo 2020 will also be taking place and we hope that Dutch companies use the platform of the Netherlands pavilion to showcase their products and services but also reach out to the wider region to do business.

We look forward to continuing to work together with the NBC to support the Dutch business community and to grow the Dutch presence in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.