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Work Less, Achieve More Monthly Networking Event

12 April, 2023 07:00 PM-09:30 PM









The Event is happening right now.

The Netherlands Business Council UAE, would like to invite you to our next Monthly Networking Event: Work Less, Achieve More, which will be held on Wednesday 12 April, from 7 PM onwards.

Entrepreneurs and corporate managers today have to deal with greater, faster, and more diverse change than ever before. However, successfully navigating these changes produces good results. But maintaining a healthy mental balance, which is necessary to succeed, requires advanced Leadership Fitness.

The “More Impact, Less Input” Workshop is an exclusive introduction to TopMind Training for high-potential leaders. Through a scientifically proven training method, leadership fitness will measurably and sustainably improve. It includes a set of tools you can use daily and as needed at work and at home.

This workshop, with sports videos and interactive exercises, is a pleasant and challenging experience. So, facts and fun go hand in hand.

About the speaker

This training session is delivered by Anne-Johan Willemsen, a former (marketing and sales) manager at Procter & Gamble and Shell. For the last decade, he has been helping others succeed by fusing his TopMind principles with his first-hand awareness of business challenges.

What to expect?

  • How can you achieve more in your work with less effort and in less time?
  • How can you measurably grow without having to change as a person or learn new theories and concepts?
  • How can you save a significant amount of time with only a few effective habits?
  • How can you achieve almost anything you want in only 3 minutes per day?
  • How can you delegate self-discipline?

Results of the workshops

  • You’ll gain better insight into yourself and your leadership behavior.
  • You’ll understand the factors that prevent you from performing optimally.
  • You’ll use your energy more effectively.
  • You’ll be more productive and creative because you’ll focus on the things that matter.

(Provisional) Agenda:
7.30 PM Opening and Announcements
7.35 PM Workshop
9.00 PM Networking drinks 

Date: Wednesday 12 April
Time: 7 PM - 9.30 PM
Venue: TBC 
Fee: Free for NBC members

Kindly register on or before the 11th of April, please register online or send RSVP to [email protected]


Location: TBC