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FAQ Flexpool

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What are the requirements to qualify for the Flexpool?

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Does the Flexpool hire me?

No, the NBC Flexpool is a connecting service and is not involved in the final hiring process. We do not place people into positions, nor do we manage the payment process between an employer and the employees who they might hire through our site. Contract negotiations take place between the candidate and the future employer. The same for the work permit and other relevant requirements. 

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What will it cost me?

For the jobseeker there are two possibilities:

Flexpool Talent (free)

Flexpool Premium (750 AED a year)
Flexpool Premium membership benefits:

For the hiring member, the Flexpool will charge a matching fee of the professional membership a 1.500 AED when a candidate and employer are successfully connected. The new hired professional will become a member of the NBC for as long as the contract runs and can join the events according the professional membership.

Flexpool Top (1,500 AED)

You become a Flexpool Top member when you are successfully connected with an NBC-member for a position (role?)

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Are all the available jobs posted on the Job board?

The aim is to propose suitable 3 candidates to the hiring Member.
Step 1: The Flexpool coordinator will start looking for candidates in the Flexpool talent database.
Step 2 :The Coordinator will also advertise the vacant role on the job board in consultation with the hiring company.  
Step 3 The Coordinator will post the new role on various social media, relevant to find suitable candidates

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Is it legal to work flexible in Dubai?

Those who live in the UAE on a family visa can take up a second job after getting a part-time work permit with a NOC from the sponsor. Such work permits can be issued to men and women between 18 and 65 years of age.

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