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Vertical Studio is home to Urban Nest and Vertical Design DXB

Feel Right at Home at the new Vertical Studio for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Friday, May 24, 2024 01:09:41 PM

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Feel Right at Home at the new Vertical Studio for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Homegrown co-working and event space, coffee shop, concept store, neon design and art studio all entwined in one!

Dubai, UAE – Vertical Studio is home to Urban Nest and Vertical Design DXB, both women-owned companies employing other women, a collective unit of creativity and uniqueness. It offers a concept store, neon art studio, coffee shop, co-working and events space all weaved into one. Whether you are a creative looking for a cozy co-working nook, coffee connoisseur wanting to try the new cafe in town, a brand searching for a fresh space to host an event or a pop-up, you will find it all at our Vertical showroom in Al Quoz!

Vertical Studio Is a place that brings entrepreneurs’ dreams to life, provides a thriving, comfortable environment in the booming urban metropolis and creates a culture of community, where anyone is welcomed. For all those who struggle to cultivate their brand in the UAE, Vertical is here to give the opportunity and thus enrich their own space through the proliferation of various artists, designers and their respective unique styles.

When you walk through the doors of Vertical showroom, you are instantly greeted with a smile.
Here, you are family. It is your “home away from home”, where you can escape the bustle of the city. Whether you’re working on a new project, having a break from your desk, or catching up with an old friend, we have a spot for you. Settle in, get inspired by unique interiors, sip a cup of delicious coffee, and stay for a while.

Co-working Station

We are always happy to see our fellow nesters and entrepreneurs strive at what they do! The co-working space features an open floor plan concept and engaging interior design details that are a necessity for those who seek to make their office an enjoyable and cozy second home.

It is the ultimate place for creative professionals, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, where you will find a quiet, comfortable workspace with a sense of community. The seating spaces are perfect for collaborative conversations and overlooking the shop from above for the ultimate inspiration ideas without being closed off. A homey environment provides calm and productive atmosphere. And we haven’t even started on the perks! The space is offered free of charge and provides free internet! 

Co-working is free of charge. Free internet. 4 spaces upstairs and 4 downstairs in the coffee area.

Organic Coffee Shop

“Vertical Coffee” is your newest coffee shop in Dubai, committed to serving an absolute coffee experience, through the finest organic coffee. The coffee beans are sourced from Peru, in line with Urban Nest’s founder’s heritage. It is an ultimate place for any coffee connoisseur, serving specialty brews from Flat Whites to Espresso Macchiatos, as well as Tea and a delicious Nutella Hot Chocolate, with a dash of regular, almond or oat milks.

Whether you’re catching up with old friends, having a quick work pick-me-up or just a solo cuppa to accompany you while you read your next book, enjoy it in a place of creativity, calmness and inspiration. And the best news, they are served in the unique handmade HKliving ceramic mugs that can be purchased after for you to enjoy at home!

Coffee options range from AED 12-22, with options of regular, almond or oat milks. 4 spaces available.

Creatives Area – The Cube

Are you a creative director looking for a beautiful space for your new campaign? Or an influencer looking to create content amidst a striking setting? What about a live painting demo?

The Cube area is designed blank and available to be customised with our décor and furniture pieces from the interior shop. The space features light and airy look designed to be customised for your imagination!

The Cube is 2.4mx 2.4m fully customisable. Prices range from AED150 per hour to AED3,200 per month.

Events Space – Mezzanine and The White Corner

Looking for a fresh space to host your event or a pop-up? We offer an open floor plan Mezzanine space and The White Corner areas for any kind of event, whether it’s a talk, workshop, photoshoot or displaying your brand in a physical space.

The White Corner can be used as a stage, having fully equipped technologies with projector and sound system.

The White Corner is 4x3m fully customisable. Prices range from AED150 per hour to AED3,200 per month.

Full Mezzanine Space is 50m2 fully customisable. Prices range from AED250 per hour to AED2,000 per week.

Neon Art and Design Studio

Vertical Design DXB is an art and design studio for traditional Neon and LED art projects. Made by hand from start to finish, each piece is unique and will be the centre of attention. Vertical Design has been created to elevate your space and celebrate the art of light.

The company is a testament to the fact that when you dedicate your passion and mind’s work to a task, you can truly make anything happen. For Charlotte De Belle, the founder of Vertical Design DXB, what started as a passion for light quickly turned into a dream. Charlotte travelled to New York to study the art of neon light making. Soon after, crafting neon lights turned into a much bigger venture – creating a space where one can explore their creative talent while simultaneously thriving as a business.

Vertical Design DXB is open from 9am-6pm Saturday-Thursday, website www.verticaldesigndxb.com.

One-of-a-kind Interior Shop

Looking for new nesting items? Urban Nest store has a brand new set-up with special nooks and crannies in the same showroom location, all of which you will absolutely adore.

With its gorgeous collection of unique home living ideas, Urban Nest is a concept store curated by Dutch-Peruvian owner Janaika Elders. Whether it’s a colourful upcycled light fixture, or a crafty slip-on sleeve that turns any plastic bottle into a beautiful vase – each piece of décor showcased at Urban Nest tells a distinctive story, and comes from exclusive designer brands in Latin America and The Netherlands. These internationally renowned and hand-picked items support the local communities that they are fairly and sustainably sourced from, enriching homes, retail and commercial spaces across the Middle East. Above and beyond just supplying original products, Janaika and her team work together with designers to provide businesses with everything from wholesale to interior strategy. Be it a concept store, boutique shop, or your home, Urban Nest offers stunning interior design solutions that start a conversation, and one-of-a-kind pieces that make any space memorable.

Urban Nest is open from 9am-6pm Saturday-Thursday, website www.urbannest.ae.


For more information please visit www.urbannest.ae and www.verticaldesigndxb.com

Address: Vertical Design DXB, Al Alsayel Street, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, UAE

Hours of Operation: Saturdays – Thursdays, 9am - 6pm

Phone: +971 547925204

Instagram: @urbannest.ae @verticaldesign_dxb

Facebook: @urbannest.ae @verticaldesign_dxb