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Working groups

Leverage Member's expertise

Member's Value

The objective of The Member Value Group is to define, explore and implement services that increase the value of becoming and being a member of the NBC. The group consults with all members to evaluate their needs and challenges and develops activities and services to help them settle and/or increase their business in the UAE.

For more info: office@nlbcuae.com

Member initiative

Sustainability Group

Dutch Sustainability Group is an initiative by a group of companies that all have its origins in the Netherlands, a country famous for its innovation power and know-how on Sustainability. Its members all consider Sustainability of paramount importance for their businesses.

The group is formed under the umbrella of the Netherlands Business Council and supported by the Embassy and Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and is a first of a kind country initiative. It brings together expertise from a wide variety of sectors to deliver sustainability projects in the UAE.

Member Engagement

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications plays an important role in a successful not-for-profit organization. With the expertise of NBC members, our office team is committed to ensuring that communication with all parties involved runs as smoothly as possible. Great to see that we can ask for support from our members. The Marketing/Communication group is always looking for new input. If you are interested in advising our office team, please contact: office@nlbcuae.com

Working group members: Anne Bleeker, https://in2consulting.com